be careful!


Due to the intrusive situation and the impersonation of the identity we are suffering, we are forced to make this official communication.


Dear Tomatina clients and Friends:


To start, we don’t want anyone to think that this is a marketing strategy, what we are really scared of is the fact that this problem could affect the Tomatina´s image. The war must stay at the tomato battle and not out of it.


In second place, we are preoccupied for our clients, therefore don’t let yourself get tricked by other fake agencies which affirm being from Buñol but in fact they aren’t. You know you can trust us after 12 years making everyone enjoy this party.


We started out with the foundation of the Tomatina Company SL travel agency to be able to offer our touristic packages respecting the normative. We negotiated directly with Buñol’s city hall to be able to offer the Tomatina tickets in a transparent way.


Also, a Company called Spaintastic started out its business in a non-ethic way, defrauding not only their clients but also Buñol’s city hall, getting a debt with the city hall not paying the tickets’ price of other Tomatina editions.


After this, the Company far away from accepting any social responsibility has continued doing business with other companies´ names and with the domain when ours is



As you can see, it is the exact same web.


The way they proceed is not correct,nor legal for their clients or competitors.


They have taken advantage of the similarity of our names to impersonate our identity in Google Maps which is harming us very much:



If you still don’t trust us, just have a look at the opinion that real clients such as you have published.


Be careful of where you buy your tickets because unfortunately it is really easy for you to lose your tickets and miss the Tomatina experience.


We hope we have helped you decide where to buy your tickets, in the end we can only thank you for your fidelity and comprehension.


Kind Regards


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