La Tomatina is the most international party in Spain, it is always celebrated on the last Wednesday of August, in the Valencian town of Buñol.


This amazing festival began in 1945 when young people interrupted a the Giants and Big-Heads traditional parade and a participant confronted them with tomatoes.


Thes curious argument were repeated by the will of the neighbors until 1957, when it was banned. The neighbors far from surrender organized the so-called Burial of the Tomato. A festivity with music, dancing and lots of fun at the 'rhythm' of a tomato burial. The burial raised a big fuss and the authorities decided that Tomatina should be celebrated.


Today Tomatina is one of the most deeply-rooted traditions in Spain.


La Tomatina is not reduced to the tomato war. The events starts at 10 in the morning with the 'Palo Jabón'. A soaped stick whose end is a ham, when someone gets the ham it's time to go to the big festival.


Now Tomatina festival congregates 22,000 people and 160 tons of tomato each year. A war that dyes the streets of Buñol of a delicious red colour in an event declared as a Festival of International Tourist Interest.


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